About us

Sportech was founded in 1994 by the passion for basketball of the two members, (and was born in Cantù where Basketball is a tradition).
After so many years of playing basketball, with a total turnover of 27 seasons of series A and more than 750 appearances in the top divisions, the two shareholders have wanted to stay close to the basketball world by producing technical clothing, thanks to the experience gained over many years .
Sportech in recent years has collaborated and still collaborates with some of the most famous brand making on their behalf for technical clothing
numerous teams of both the Italian championship, which Euroleague, Eurocup and even some National Team.
Also with your brand Evince (property) has been technical sponsor directly cestistiche some really prominent as Cantu and Reggio Emilia
as well as teams of A2 or semi-professional.
Our production begins with the fabric in the piece that we do produce directly to our specifications and ends with the finished garment ready to enter the field.
This applies both to the professional team for both the mini-basketball team of kids, even today, after so many years, there is excitement in seeing your shirt on TV or in a match between the young champions.