Professionalism & Quality of a uniform Sportech

Our designers actually translate your ideas and evaluate together with you prior to starting production. You’ll also have a uniform basketball Sportech unique.



1. It was born the idea of the graphic your uniform

2. The idea is printed on paper

3. Printing with sublimation technology

4. The uniform is packaged

5. The uniform changes from quality control and packed

6. The uniform Sportech falls on the basketball court

We offer very high quality with producer prices, a sublimation printing completely customized.

We will show you the choice between different the highest quality fabrics , specially tested for play basketball , perfectly breathable and tear.

The transfer printing sublimation Professional allows for live and bright colors , particularly durable time also repeated washings and especially a customization to 360 ° of the entire mesh, to achieve each complete start from a blank sheet.

different sizes, with athlete’s name and number.

The study of the ‘ergonomic mesh and the currencies in general, is continuously implemented and improved thanks to feedback from our testers and players of the teams that choose to use our basketball uniforms.